Talking out problems is a pretty frequent activity when you work in the hospitality business like I do, and my choices of blogs to dig around in reflect that. With a such a wide array of topics to choose from, the task of choosing one to follow was a little daunting. So I tried to start simple; I took my life goals (becoming an outstanding communicator in all facets of life) and one of my interests (astrological analysis) and searched for some sites that were the ebb to my flow. Lucky for me there are so very many blogs out there, all it took was a lot of reading and getting slightly lost down a virtual blog hole to find a few pretty cool sites. The two blogs that I have chosen to subscribe to and want to discuss a little bit are as follows (and worth taking a look at yourself).

Keeping Your Head In The Business Game

The first is a Leadership Communications blog written majorly by a man named David Grossman. Your Thought Partner is a site with a goal of teaching how to effectively manage situations and be a better conversationalist where it really counts. This site is mostly targeted toward managers of business who need to better their skills to better their businesses. training-2874597_1280One of my favorite aspects of this site is the different perspectives they offer. Talking is, of course, mentioned as well as effective and active listening to keep the conversations had going and fully rounded. I’ve learned that being the only effective communicator in a relationship or even discussion is simply not enough, I should strive more to draw out the ideas and opinions of others and integrate them.

The site is somewhat interactive in that readers can reply to posts and contact the various bloggers, the usual stuff. There is a lack of comments but I believe that is due to the fact that the articles that are posted here don’t leave much to be said! They are direct and very matter-of-fact in the way they write these articles, the tone is almost commanding, which begins the short list of things I don’t particularly enjoy about this blog. I appreciate the insight but not-so-much the whole “I am king communicator bow to me” vibe i get from reading it. Also while I think Mr. Grossman is a fine looking man, I feel that his profile picture placement in the banner above the blog is awkward and strange-looking. It seems out of place in my opinion and feels like forced self recognition. Which may help with his branding, his site also has links to Ebooks as well as hard copy books for improving oneself communication, most of which are free of charge. His revenue seems to be drawn from consultation services he personally offers on how to improve the leadership of companies. With how informative his site is, one wonders what else he could advise on top of it. There is definitely a lot to like about this site and even more to be learned from it. Along with helpful tips on how to grow your business using social media, there is a link feature to his group social media sites including Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.

For The Love Of Love Blogs

The next blog I decided to check out and stick around for was called Your Tango. This online magazine is differs from my first choice in many ways other than that it encourages open and honest communication, especially between domestic partners. Your Tango is an astrological guide to love and relationships founded by Andrea Miller and Sanjay Bhatnagar. balloon-1046658_1280I enjoyed reading this blog more than my first pick, it was less informative and more entertaining. There are a lot more hints of opinionated advice. When I read the articles here, the vibe I get is more of a “Dear Abby” response to common afflictions of the heart, which I really like. The target demographic for this site is vastly different, seeming to be targeted at young women in the 20 – 30 year-old range, and (surprise, surprise) I fell right into their little trap. I’m afraid this site will definitely have me judging a book by their Zodiac sign more often.  

This site also has social media connections though not as many, they have a nifty menu feature that pops up and allows you to share to facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter. feedback-1825515_1280Also there is a feature to send the editor submissions for a piece. They ask for a resume and/or a blog link and encourage their readers to give what they do a shot and that’s pretty neat. Upon exploration clicking of the site I found that Andrea Miller is a print author and sells hardcover copies of the same information on the blog. How cool is that? There are ads indicating she is sponsored by Ebates and she has copies of her work in print on the shelves too. Now that’s my kinda role model! This blog rated 10/10 on my “would surely recommend” blog list.